Our Story

Hudson Valley Select is a supplemental development alternative for the area's most skilled travel soccer players. We built this program for those boys and girls who are no longer challenged by teammates or competitors, yet can’t – or don’t want to – commit to a premier development academy.

Our ultimate goal is to raise the standard for youth soccer in the Hudson Valley.


To do that, we aim to select the area's most talented travel soccer players through open tryouts, put them together with equally-skilled peers and take the group through a challenging curriculum that drives growth beyond what they get from typical training sessions with their travel team.

Our Philosphy

We expect the players we work with to continue to roster with their home soccer clubs. Our curriculum will push them to play smarter, faster and with better skill, so that they can raise the level of play when they return to their teams. It’s not just about improving individual ability; our methods push the top end of the local soccer population in order to improve the overall quality of play.

HV Select encourages the talent we develop to stay in the local clubs whenever possible. It's the reason we have such wide support from travel soccer coaches all over the area. We’re proud to have worked with so many boys and girls who continue to play with travel teams from clubs including;

  • Clarkstown Soccer Club (NY)

  • Cornwall United Soccer Club (NY)

  • Eastern Pike Soccer (PA)

  • Everton FC Westchester (NY)


  • Goshen Soccer Club (NY)

  • Greenwood Lake Soccer Club (NY)

  • Liberty Soccer Club (NY)

  • Minisink Youth Soccer (NY)

  • Monroe Woodbury United Soccer Club (NY)

  • Nirvana360 FC (NY)

  • Orange County Soccer Club (NY)

  • Quickstrike FC (NY)

  • Red Bulls RDS Pre-Academy (NJ)

  • Shogun Soccer Academy (NY)

  • Southern Ulster Futbol Club (NY)

  • Warwick Soccer Club (NY)

  • Washingtonville Soccer Club (NY)

  • West Milford Soccer Club (NJ)

  • Vernon Youth Soccer Club (NJ)

Our Methodology

We emphasize tactical strategy as much as technical skills development – because awareness, understanding and decision making are often what separates good soccer players from great ones. Game intelligence is a critical component of creating the Total Soccer Player. Yet, it’s an aspect that many travel soccer coaches struggle to handle properly, especially when training a group with varied ability. Too often, the end result is the most advanced players on that team stall in their development and never advance to a higher level.

We push our players to think. We examine different game scenarios they are likely to encounter. We incorporate video analysis into training and challenge players to recognize different tactics and identify particular strategies, predict patterns of play and suggest possible adjustments.

Then we head out to the field to apply those concepts and make them a key part of our players' game. Smarter players don't just play smart some of the time. Once they know how to read a game differently, they'll bring that tactical awareness with them wherever they play.

Ball mastery:
The foundation for everything else


We train hard, we train fast and

we train under pressure so players
develop the confidence to make
the right moves when 
it counts
 and execute with precision.


We challenge players to use
their brain just as much as their
feet, so they're not just following
the game
or reacting to a moment.

Our players learn to read what the
game gives them, then to understand

why, how and when to make the
strategic adjustments they need
to dictate what happens next.


While we do bring in professional trainers to work with our players, HV Select was created, and continues to be driven by a dedicated group of very capable travel soccer coaches coming together from different clubs across the Hudson Valley. Good chance you might even know some of us already. We’re all volunteering our time to provide this development alternative. We strongly believe that the right mix of people motivated for the right reasons can create an elite-level soccer training experience that rivals some of the area’s most successful academy programs in both quality and content.

Our Coaching Team